Oct 21st, 2016
We've added the first two shows for 2017. We're playing Stonehenge again next year, along with Marduk, Macabre, Krisiun, Absu, Godflesh, Altar(!), Disabuse, Evil Invaders and 17 more bands! That's going to be a great day.
Sep 4th, 2016
Quick update. We recorded 12 new songs. Drums and guitars are mostly done. Just finishing up the rest. No album title yet. Any ideas?? :-)
May 21st, 2016
Hi fuckers! In case you were wondering... We're still alive!
We wrote 12 new songs and will be recording in July.

No album title yet. But the music is fast, loud and evil.
No keyboards, no guest female vocals. Just intense thrash.

So... who's in the band? Well, it's the all original lineup from 1989!

For more updates be sure to check our Facebook
We'll be doing some videos while recording, just to keep you informed! Later!
Sep 9th, 2013
We'll be playing Baroeg Open Air later this month, along with cool bands like Illdisposed, Moonspell and the mighty Focus!
Check out all the details over at

Please note: this is a FREE festival folks!
May 25th, 2013
Just an update to inform you that we're proud to be opening for SLAYER! next month.
It's just a single show at Muziekcentrum in Enschede, Netherlands on June 6th.

Of course... we're fully aware of rule number one in the Biography Handbook:
"Nobody cares who you've opened for."

But hey... We're opening for Slayer!
And we just realized...
June 6th = 6-6-(2+0+1+3)

Take care and see you guys there.

In addition, we've been posting some cool YouTube videos over the past weeks, including some 2013 footage, as well as the first ever video footage of our original 1989 live demo. Syncing those recording with newly discovered VHS footages turned out quite cool. Of course, it's totally obscure, underground looking footage. But it's stuff no-one ever saw before.

Phantom Palace, 2013

For more videos, check our channel
Jan 30th, 2012
Dead Head welcomes Tom van Dijk back on vocals and bass guitar. Writing process for new album has started, show coming up in April. Stay tuned.
Apr 14th, 2011
Dead Head guitar player Rob Woning will join dutch Dutch hard rock band ELISE for their big reunion show this Saturday, the 16 of April in Veeningen, near Zwolle.

During the eighties ELISE was a very active live band in Holland, selling several thousand copies of their demos 'Fighters' and 'Seven Witches'.
Their only CD-release 'No Time For Masquerade' (1990) is now a rare and expensive eBay-item.

Over the past months Rob's been regularly practicing with ELISE.
He was asked to join the band, since one of the original guitar players decided not to participate in the reunion.

The band will perform songs from demo's, the CD, a new song and some covers.
Several earlier members will appear during the show.

Also playing this Saturday are Jurassic Park, with former Frankenstein-members Berthus Westerhuis and Roelof Kloeze

Dead Head will most likely be shifting back into higher gears this summer and start writing for the next CD.

Rehearsal footage on YouTube

Elise - Metal Archives

Frankenstein - Metal Archives
Apr 19th, 2009
Interview with Archaic Magazine online:
Feb 1st, 2009
during a battue, the green angel fled to my space
Jan 28th, 2009
While Displeased is already shipping pre-orders of our new album 'Depression Tank', we have decided to release on final preview track. "Green Angel" is one of the faster songs on the album and probably more in sync with our initial sound. As you might have noticed by now, we have a new singer/bassplayer. His name is Ralph de Boer and he's been previously involved with the technical thrashband Sidius.
Our original singer Tom van Dijk had returned for the previous album 'Haatland', but he left during the recording of 'Depression Tank'. Not the best of timing, but of course we cannot force anyone to stay in the band. Since we didn't want to release an album with a singer who was no longer in the band, we decided to rerecord all the vocals with Ralph. Our new guy Ralph was a great find, since we were really anxious to keep the band sound intact. Dead Head thrash with a grunter just wouldn’t have sounded the same. While we were sad that Tom had to go, we are really happy with Ralph and think he did a great job on his first ever album.
All the best,
Rob Woning - guitar
Dec 31st, 2008
Hey, I just uploaded the new 2009 song "Firegate" to our MySpace player. The new album 'Depression Tank' will officially be released on Feb 16th, but Displeased is shipping early orders from Jan 16th already.

Thanks to the 1100+ people who listened to "Less Than Zero" so far.

The March 20th shows marks our 20th anniversary and will be something special. More info when it follows.

cheers, Rob
Dec 7th, 2008
Our new album 'Depression Tank' is finally done.
Feel free to check out the first song Less Than Zero.

Over the next few weeks, we will disclose at least one more new song.
The album will be released by Displeased Records in February

Depression Tank facts:
- recorded at Hooiland Studios, Zwolle
- mixed and mastered by Robert Slump
- artwork by Wicliff Wolda, who also did the 'Haatland'-artwork

Full tracklist:
Dec 6th, 2008
Dead Head Depression Tank CD and Shirt (January 16th)
New studio album! First 500 copies with free patch! cd and shirt is limited to 100 copies.

So act fast!

orders and other deadhead merchandise
May 11th, 2008
"Kill Division", the 1999 classic album from Dutch thrashers DEAD HEAD, will be reissued by Displeased Records later in the year. The new version of the CD will feature bonus live material.

Addition by Rob:
The livematerial will be from a later date than the actual album, but it was professionally recorded and the performance is quite raw and intense. Total playtime of the new version will be around 73.5 mins.
Jan 16th, 2008
Yup, it's true. We signed to Displeased Records this week. We're very happy with this new deal. In these days of changing markets, this underground rooted, experienced Dutch label seems like the perfect partner for an uncompromising thrash band.

The new album will be called 'Depression Tank'. Recordings will start early March.
We're working with the cool people from Vision Sound Engineering, including our regular live mixer Gerlach Timmer.
Some song titles are "Firegate", "Less than zero", "Murder" and "Pesticide" (a 1989 demotrack, finally recorded with a proper sound).

No need to be afraid for prominent keyboards, female choirs, eighties electro/goth influences and emo vocals.
We hate those things just as much as you do.
Jul 2nd, 2007
No news = good news. Dead Head are still alive.
Still writing songs, collecting ever more gear and working our day jobs.
Eggfest was a cool show. Thanks to all who showed up and the crazy fuckers who stood on stage during the encore.
We will update the site over the next few weeks with some photos, video and other stuff.

Our MySpace has been pretty alive lately.
Visit: www.myspace.com/deadheadthrash
Jan 29th, 2007

Nov 19th, 2006
We're still busy writing songs and recording demos. We've put some more live video footage online, incl. some clips from our gigs with Destruction.

Faust II
Supreme Forgery
The Festering/Unholy
Cold Being
Aug 30th, 2006
Aug 22nd, 2006
New demos at Hans' studio are nearing completion. We still need to add Robbie's guitar leads and Tom's vocals. Some songtitles: The Swing, Less Than Zero, Dissolved In Purity.

A 3,5 minute compilation of video footage from the Haatland-recordings is now on You Tube. We're still waiting for the three-camera livefootage to be editted and mixed. Perhaps we will add some 2-camera footage from the Stonehenge and old Hedon show as well.

And to keep things trendy Dead Head now also have their own My Space. The stuff there's still mostly similar to this website. However, the MP3-player has one different song and we'll probably start blogging soon.

Next up: three cool shows with Destruction
May 2nd, 2006
New recordings are scheduled for this summer. We're laying down a couple of the songs that Ronnie and Hans wrote, one cover song and perhaps a rerecorded oldie.

Secondly, we will be closing the Slag om Waldrock-show where several Frisian bands compete for a chance to open the Wâldrock festival. We're not participating the band competition itself.

A second You Tube video with several clips from the studio will soon be added.

In the mean time, we've added some classic MP3's to the download-section. We will be moving to another internethost this summer, so we'll have more space for things like this.

Free 'Come To Salem'-tracks

Reviews section keeps expanding. Feel free to check it out. We should probably OCR a couple of old reviews, since most of the reviews for the first two albums were never published in a digital form.
Apr 13th, 2006
After seeing all kinds of interesting stuff on You Tube, we decided to put some footage online as well. No flashy video documentaries yet, however we did upload a 3 minute control room view of the Haatland recording sessions. You'll see Ronnie, Hans and Robbie playing an instrumental take of Dog God. This could very well be the version that ended up on the album. Tom is probably filming this.
Click for video
Apr 1st, 2006
Using some freshly acquired gear, Hans and Ronnie have been real busy writing new songs and recording some demos. Even though 'Haatland' has only been out for a few months, we feel that it's never to early to have new material ready. So far, about six songs have been written. At least two of those will surely end up on the next Dead Head release. Some of the other stuff is a little beyond the usual Dead Head recipe, so we'll have to decide if the world is ready for that. :-)

Some cool pics...

Tom welcomes the crowd

Rumors that Ronnie is joining Trouble are NOT true. :-) Photo by John Boel.

March Or Die, the 11th Floor

Mar 4th, 2006
Unreleased song online:
The downloadable Metal Storm compilation album 'Follow The Storm Vol. XVI' features the unreleased Dead Head track 'Hateland'. The song was recorded during the 'Haatland' sessions and mixed by Jacob Hansen.
Go to Metal Storm to download 20 songs by cool, promising bands and a cool Burst video.

It's now confirmed that we will be part of the THRASH INFERNO 2006:
Dates, so far:
Sept. 8th Deventer - Burgerweeshuis
Sept. 9th Eindhoven - Dynamo (club)
Sept. 10th Haarlem - Patronaat

So people.. Plenty of time left to reschedule your vacations, hire a babysitter etc.

Hedon / Pics:
Thanks to all the crazy people that turned up for the Hedon show. Cool to see so many old friends, familiar faces and young people. The show was filmed with 4 camera's and recorded digitally. I'm not sure what the output will be and if we will ever release this material. In the mean time there's plenty of great Hedon photos online:

pics by Nera K.
pics by Erwin Zeemering

As you can tell, reviews have been added to the site. Pictures are also viewable, though will be updated again.

We now have permission to sell 'Haatland' directly from our website.
Dog God, Come To Salem and a few Kill Divisions still available.

The black shirts with white logo are temporarily sold out.
Shirts with the cover art of 'Haatland' we be made available shortly.
Jan 29th, 2006
Some cool news: We've been nominated for 'best thrash album' by the metal portal Metal Storm. They wrote some very positive things in their awards nomination section:

Dead Head - Haatland
This album is an unexpected kick in the ass. This Dutch combo managed to create one of the most violent thrash albums ever, even faster and more brutal than Slayer, Dark Angel and all those extreme thrash bands. Yet they had the brilliant idea to throw a few melodic touches and groovy passages into this tornado of mindblowing riffs. The result is as good as merciless thrash can be. Simply groundbreaking, and a real surprise.

Of course, we feel very honored to be listed along with Exodus, Kreator, Annihilator and Destruction and hope that loads of people will vote for us.

Reviews-section is still in the works, but starting to look good. It will have reviews for all Dead Head releases, even though most of the reviews of the first two albums of course were still in printed magazines.
Coming up: There will be articles on Dead Head and 'Haatland' in German magazines like Rock Hard and Iron Pages.

The recent gig with Black Dahlia Murder and our appearance at Nera K's photo exhibit were both cool experiences. Hailz to everybody that showed up and the other cool bands. Remember: we always welcome pictures...

Merchandise update:
Buro IV B4 found about 10 remaining copies of 'Kill Division' on their shelves. These are probably the last copies of the original 1999 pressing and the last ones that we'll be able to sell directly. Get them while they last.

In addition there's only a few Haatland-shirts left.
No Large ones left, just good old XL.
Jan 3rd, 2006
O.k. we're back.

We've decided to release on more song in MP3. Click here to download a full version of Montana, which is the second song on the latest album 'Haatland'.

Reviews and reactions for 'Haatland' have been really overwhelming. 9 out of 10 in Rock Hard (Germany) and an 18th position in their Soundcheck, 11 out of 13 in Heavy Oder Was (Germany), 88 out of 100 in Aardschok (Holland) and a 14th ranking in their Soundcheck (just below Deep Purple...)

The reviews section will be added soon, including some Spanish and Scandinavian ones.

We've added three gigs in the shows-section. First up is the Sneek Metalfest feat. Black Dahlia Murder, Aborted, Leng Tch'e and several other bands. Doors open at 15:00 h, we'll be playing in the early evening. More info on: www.hetbolwerk.nl

The album 'Haatland' should be available now in most of Europe. We've seen it on several online shops as well. Amazon for instance. Distribution in Benelux: Bertus, Germany: SIMS, Austria: Sony/BMG.


The album 'Kill Division' is now sold out. Labels interested in rereleasing it, please contact us. Cold Blood Industries will not press additional copies, since they are out of business.

'Dog God EP' - We have only a few copies left. Fadeless Records still has some in stock as well.

'Come To Salem' compilation. Limited amounts still available.

'Haatland' will be available through our website in the near future.

That's about it. Thrash till death.
Oct 11th, 2005
Now that Hans is able to play drums again, we started booking some shows to promote 'Haatland'. The first one will be:
November 19th:
Dead Head + God Forbid + The Haunted
Venue: De Lantaarn, Hellendoorn.
Show starts at 20:00 h
Also coming up: a show in our hometown Kampen, together with The Monolith Deathcult We're looking forward to drinking all of their beers again
Oct 5th, 2005
We just received the finished copies of 'Haatland'.The artwork came out very good looking, printed on glossy thick paper. Thanks to all at GMR Music for doing such a great job. The album will be released on October 18th. However, that's the date for Benelux. I'm not sure if Germany and other countries will follow that same date.
Hans has fully recovered from his recent accident. He's back behind the drums and also away for the weekend for some extreme mountainbiking. (...).
Ronnie and Hans have been busy writing new material for a next album already. They've got about three songs finished now, sounding pretty interesting and fresh.
We still have three songs left from the Haatland sessions. I'm not too sure what will happen with those. We thought about releasing them on a seperate EP, but right now we'd like to concentrate on promoting 'Haatland' first.
Tom is offering his Mesa Boogie Mark IV head on www.gitaarmarkt.nl
We're just waiting to see the first review for Haatland and will try to post them online. More news when it follows. Rob
Sep 25th, 2005
Well, here it is... the cover for the new album. Of course, some of you had already spotted it in our Discography section over the last few weeks.

The very dedicated and patient Wicliff Wolda has provided us with great artwork for the CD. This is an actual Dead Head stained glass window that Tom photographed in an old church in England. Not much else going on right now. Hans is still recovering from his rather intense bicycle crash and Tom is on a blitzkrieg (German for 'last minute trip', I guess) in the UK. More news when it follows.
July 16th, 2005
Turns out that Hans is recovering pretty well. He's currently on a strict diet of James Bond-movies and 80ies Kiss DVD's.

No Lill Hill
Sorry, folks. We're NOT going to be able to play the Lil Hill festival today.Reason: Hans had a pretty serious accident with his mountain bike yesterday. He was taken to the hospital and is currently not able to walk or play drums. I will post some pictures of the nasty flesh wound (Carcass-approved) and his wrecked (previously brand new) bike as soon as I have visited him. Replacing Dead Head at Lil Hill are Beyond Belief
The Dog God EP got a cool review from Goez Kue�hnemund in the latest Rock Hard. Actually the EP was already reviewed before in their KRACH von der Basis-section. Of course, we don't mind the extra exposure at all!
Photo-section is currently not working, because I'm switching providers for the www.bcrich.nl
Haatland To Be Released! The album will contain 10 songs, total playtime = 43 mins. Tentative tracklist: Albumcover will be posted here shortly. Extremity is a thrash oriented label that just released an album by the Swedish thrashers Slow Gate. GMR Music Group has several labels, offering various styles of loud music: Crucified Barbara, Candlemass, Zan Clan and a lot of vinyl versions of CD's by bigger bands. The album will be available in shops in most of Western Europe. In the Benelux GMR-releases are available thru Bertus distributie. For more info on GMR, check http://www.gmrmusic.se
Thanks to everybody showing up at the Leeuwarden gig. People who took pictures, feel free to mail them. Thanks to Wietze and the rest of the Frisian clan for making it work. As for the record deal.. although we didn't actually sign yet, it looks like we have found a good label for the release of the 'Haatland' CD. More news on this will follow pretty soon after we have put our signatures down. As things look now, the album will be release by August. Artwork is being developed as we speak. A preview of the albumcover will be online as soon as the cover is finished.
To those who were there... Thanks for the great response at the Kings Of Metal festival. Thanks to Roman and Harold for a well organized event. And thanks to Kasper, Jolly666 and the hard working guys on stage for smooth change overs.
Nera-K already has some pictures online of most of the bands. Quality pics, as usual.
Next up is the Extreme Aggression festival in Leeuwarden. We're looking forward to seeing Occult and Cardinal again. We're also looking forward to drinking Monolith's beers.
The Occultfest gig has become uncertain. Suddenly there's different people pulling the strings at this festival. The guy who originally approached us is no longer working for the festival. However, we hope that Occultfest will continue. Last years edition was pretty cool. More outdoors activities: We'll be playing again at the Lil'Hill festival. Last year was great fun. Pretty intense tornado passing by...
Also confirmed: KINGS OF METAL FESTIVAL Open Air, parking lot Goudvishal - Arnhem (near German border) FINNTROLL (Fin) NAGLFAR (Swe) SLAYER COVERBAND (members of Crustacean) DEAD HEAD IZEGRIM IT LIVES HER ENCHANTMENT Presale: 10 Euro via Ticketservice.nl (starting March 1st) We already had some shows coming up in February, including one in Belgium. Check our Concert-section for more info.
Update - There's another new song called Mesfeken available for download. We've added some concertdates and started to compile the long list of previous gigs. It's not complete yet, but we're getting there. And yes, layout could and will be better.
Merchandise-update: The Dog God EP is still available. Come To Salem still in stock. We're running out of Kill Divisions. Get them while they last. Cold Blood Industries has NONE left. Only a few Haatland-shirt are still in stock as well.
Older news